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Changing Lives of
Neuromuscular Patients
with Gene Therapy

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Atamyo’s mission is to bring a new generation of best-in-class gene therapies to patients suffering from neuromuscular diseases

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My goal is to be like everyone else and to have them forget my disability


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About Atamyo

The name of the company is derived from two words: Atao which means “Always” or “Forever” in a Celtic language and myo which is the Greek root for everything muscle-related. This name conveys the spirit of the company in its commitment to improve the life of patients affected by neuromuscular diseases with life-long efficient treatments.

Our Pipeline

At Atamyo, we use our expertise in gene therapy and muscular dystrophies to find new approaches for gene replacement.
Our goal is to design the best delivery system for a particular disorder, in order to decrease side effects and improve the restoring of a normal physiological function.

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Diseases & Patient Communities

Limb girdle muscular dystrophies (LGMDs) are a group of rare genetic disorders characterized by a progressive dystrophic phenotype, mainly affecting the muscles of the shoulder and pelvic areas. Onset and severity of the symptoms are variable. Typical LGMD signs are difficulty in movements, wobbling gait and specific distribution of muscle atrophy.

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The management team of Atamyo is seasoned team of professionals with extensive experience in biotech and gene therapy.

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