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Atamyo Therapeutics Announces Key Scientific Communications on Its LGMD Programs

  • Five scientific publications in key conferences Since June 2022
  • Four upcoming communications on LGMD-R9 program at Myology 2022

Evry, France (September 6, 2022) – Atamyo Therapeutics, a biotechnology company focused on the development of new-generation gene therapies targeting neuromuscular diseases, today announced major scientific communications on its programs targeting limb-girdle muscular dystrophies (LGMDs).

“Between September 2021 and 2022 a total of 15 communications have been presented by Genethon and Atamyo on LGMD programs,” said Atamyo Chief Scientific Officer Isabelle Richard, Ph.D. “This unique track record shows the scientific leadership of Atamyo and its parent organization Genethon in the development of disruptive gene therapies targeting LGMDs. These communications describe in particular how innovative vectors play a key role for developing gene therapies with enhanced safety and efficacy”.

Five scientific publications on LGMD programs since June 2022

Atamyo and its partner Genethon have made five presentations since June on novel gene therapy approaches at the following Conferences:

European Neuromuscular Center (ENMC) 257th Workshop on Dystroglycanopathies, held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on June 10-12, 2022:
2 oral presentations by Isabelle Richard (Atamyo Therapeutics):
– “The Genethon FKRP AAV trial”
– “Animal models for trial preparation”

University of Florida Myology Institute’s 2022 New Directions in Biology and Disease of Skeletal Muscle Conference, held in Ft Lauderdale, FL, on June 20-23, 2022:
– Poster “Novel AAV capsid variant for muscle-directed gene therapy.” N Domínguez (Genethon) et al.
– Poster “Preclinical Development of a Gene Therapy For Three Prevalent Forms of LGMD,” E Gicquel (Genethon) et al.

Scientific & Family Conference 2022 Cure CMD Scientific symposium, held in Nashville, TN, USA, on June 29 – July 1, 2022:
– Poster “Preclinical development of a gene therapy for LGMD-R9”, E Gicquel (Genethon) et al.

Four upcoming communications on LGMD-R9 program at Myology 2022

Three posters and one oral presentation describing Atamyo’s LGMD-R9 program will be presented by Atamyo, Genethon and Institute of Myology, at Myology 2022 Annual Meeting, Nice (France) on September 12-15, 2022

1) The design, baseline characteristics, and 6-12 months follow-up from a LGMDR9 European multi-center natural history study, S Olivier (Atamyo Therapeutics) et al.
Poster Board Number 286

2) Quantitative MRI in lower limb muscles and heart of patients with limb-girdle muscular dystrophy type R9: preliminary results of a natural history study, H Reyngoudt (Institute of Myology) et al.
Poster Board Number 330 

3) FKRP related Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy: A biomarker identification study., E Gicquel (Genethon) et al.
Poster Board Number 282 

4) Preclinical development of a gene therapy for three prevalent forms of LGMD, I Richard (Genethon) et al.
• Oral presentation on September 15, 2020, 11h30, Athena auditorium.

Atamyo is conducting clinical trials in Europe of ATA-100, its gene therapy for the treatment of the fukutin-related protein (FKRP) limb-girdle muscular dystrophy Type 2I/R9 (LGMD2I/R9).

The LGMD-R9 program is a gene replacement therapy based on the research of Dr. Richard, who heads the Progressive Muscular Dystrophies Laboratory at Genethon (UMR 951 Inserm/Genethon/UEVE).

LGMD2I/R9 is a rare genetic disease caused by mutations in the gene that produces fukutin-related protein (FKRP). It affects an estimated 5,000 people in the US and Europe. Symptoms appear around late childhood or early adulthood. Patients suffer from progressive muscular weakness leading to loss of ambulation. They also are prone to respiratory impairment and myocardial dysfunction. There are currently no curative treatments for LGMDR9.

About Atamyo Therapeutics

Atamyo Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biopharma focused on the development of a new generation of effective and safe gene therapies for neuromuscular diseases. A spin-off of gene therapy pioneer Genethon, Atamyo leverages unique expertise in AAV-based gene therapy and muscular dystrophies from the Progressive Muscular Dystrophies Laboratory at Genethon. Atamyo’s most advanced programs address different forms of limb-girdle muscular dystrophies (LGMD). The name of the company is derived from two words: Celtic Atao which means “Always” or “Forever” and Myo which is the Greek root for muscle. Atamyo conveys the spirit of its commitment to improve the life of patients affected by neuromuscular diseases with life-long efficient treatments. For more information visit:

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